3rd Party Reading


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If your person involved a 3rd party. I will see how they feel towards them and I will see how they feel towards you. Also, I will tell you what could come of your connection.

The information I will need is:
1. Your Name
3. Date Of Birth
4. Email


I’m here to help raise the vibrations on earth & the collective consciousness.

1 review for 3rd Party Reading

  1. Kentrese (verified owner)

    WOW!!!!!!! If they haven’t booked yet. Idk what they’re waiting on. You’re definitely the TRUTH!! I never met you and I TRUST YOU!!!😩🤞🏾 Your spirit is very warming, welcoming and HUMBLE!!!! You was ON POINT with EVERYTHING!!! You pulled more than enough cards. Answered ALL my questions and ETC!!! I gotta say it again… 🗣You’re the TRUTH Queen💪🏾✨💓. I will definitely be booking AGAIN!!

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